Jessica Sleight

Janne E. Nolan Nuclear Security Visiting Senior Fellow
Jessica Sleight

Jessica Sleight has spent over a decade working on nuclear weapons risk reduction, nonproliferation, and disarmament at both the governmental policy and grassroots activism levels. Currently, she provides research and strategy services to organizations working to shift our collective understanding of security to build a more inclusive and equitable world.

Previously, Jessica served as a partner for policy and strategy at Global Zero, an international movement for the multilateral, verifiable elimination of nuclear weapons. In this capacity, she provided analysis and strategic policy guidance on issues relating to nuclear risk reduction and disarmament; coordinated track-1.5 and track-2 diplomatic efforts; and liaised with Global Zero leaders and experts in connection with policy initiatives.

Jessica’s work focuses on bringing national and global security issues locally and exploring the role of nuclear weapons in perceptions of state power, strength, and security. She has contributed to Defense One, Instick Media, and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and has participated in panels on the sidelines of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and at various activist training sessions. In 2018, she co-authored “The End of Nuclear Warfighting: Moving to a Deterrence-only Posture” with Dr. Bruce G. Blair and Emma Claire Foley, which advocates for reshaping U.S. nuclear policy in favor of a smaller, more credible nuclear force.

Jessica was a member of the 2020 Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Project on Nuclear Issues Mid-Career.