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Truman Center for National Policy

Truman unites and equips a diverse community of American leaders to produce timely, innovative, and principled solutions to complex national security challenges.

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Truman Center for National Policy

Truman unites and equips a diverse community of American leaders to produce timely, innovative, and principled solutions to complex national security challenges.
Truman Center for National Policy

Truman Center for National Policy

An education and research institution dedicated to offering timely, innovative, and principled national security solutions.

What We Do

Elevate Best-In-Class National Security Leaders Who Reflect The Diversity of America
Modernize National Security Institutions
Promote Principled American Global Engagement
Fortify Domestic Foundations of America’s Global Strength

The national security field does not reflect the diversity of America, which makes America less secure. Truman is the leading national security membership organization that attracts, trains and uplifts early- and mid-career national security professionals.

National security institutions are resistant to change and often fail to adapt to new realities. Truman’s inside/outside perspective - in our community we have people currently working in national security institutions, veterans of those institutions, and seasoned observers of them - gives us an ability to make recommendations for modernization and then see them through.

For nearly 20 years Truman has been a leading voice in promoting a values-based foreign policy, from inside and outside of Washington. Truman promotes principled American global engagement through its programming and members’ own diverse activities inside and outside of government.

There is newfound urgency to domestic democratic renewal. Many Truman members are engaged in this field in their personal or professional capacity, and many bring global expertise and experience that can be relevant at home. Truman is positioned to be a thought and action leader at the intersection of domestic and foreign policy.


NEW: The City & State Diplomacy Toolkit

We are pleased to announce the launch of the City & State Diplomacy Toolkit, a collection of case studies and tools to support cities, states, and local actors in their global engagement.

Our Priority Issues Areas

Explore the work we do across national security concerns.
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Truman in the News

"I wanted a withdrawal from Afghanistan, not an abandonment."
Truman is calling on the Administration to:
  • Ensure the safe evacuation of our citizens, allies, and partners.
  • Publicly acknowledge, and work determinedly towards ending, the escalating humanitarian crisis across Afghanistan.
  • Secure Kabul airport and routes to it, allowing for the safe passage of all U.S. citizens, allies, and partners for evacuation.
  • Ensure that Afghans arriving in the US have access to the same resettlement benefits as refugees and SIV holders.
  • Ensure adequate levels of funding for refugee resettlement agencies that are struggling to rebuild after four years of downsizing.
TruCon 2021

The Truman Center for National Policy develops timely and innovative national security solutions, and this year we will continue these important dialogues with a range of conversations including:

  • A Reflection on Afghanistan and the Future of US Power
  • Twenty Years After 9/11 - Restructuring DHS for a Better Immigration Solution
  • Transforming the State Department and the role of cities and states
  • Climate and National Security: Green Tech as Foreign Policy

We hope that you will be able to join us for this event, which will feature a range of top level speakers from a diverse range of national security perspectives.