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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s TruCon2021 Address
Afghanistan Operations Center

Afghanistan Operations Center

The Truman Center for National Policy has launched the Afghanistan Operations Center (TCAOC) to evacuate partners and allies from Afghanistan.

What we are doing here at Truman:

Policy Recommendations
Truman’s April 2021 Report “Special Immigrant Visa -- A Call For Cooperative Action” suggests priority actions necessary to ensure the processing of these lifesaving visas for our wartime allies.
Evacuation Support
In close collaboration with our coalition partners; Evacuate Our Allies, we are providing staff resources to collect and upload thousands of records of Afghans seeking to be evacuated to the U.S.
Membership Coordination
We work closely with our sister organization, Truman National Security Project, to support members in their efforts to: coalesce on the ground resources for individuals trying to get to a US base in Afghanistan, and help Afghan citizens as they arrive in US towns and cities.
Raising Public Awareness
We continue to raise public awareness of events on the ground in Afghanistan, we are on the news, writing articles, and providing expert analysis. Furthermore, we showcase our member experts through our blog, ‘The Truman View.’
Afghanistan Operations Center
Afghanistan Operations Center
Afghanistan: What is the latest?
  • In a speech from the White House on Monday, President Biden categorically defended his decision to withdraw all remaining U.S troops from Afghanistan.
  • As of Tuesday, Taliban militants have been in control of virtually all of Afghanistan for 48 hours and have established checkpoints throughout the capital Kabul.
  • President Biden authorized the deployment of 6,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan to assist in evacuation efforts.

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What’s Happening

"I wanted a withdrawal from Afghanistan, not an abandonment."
Truman is calling on the Administration to:
  • Ensure the safe evacuation of our citizens, allies, and partners.
  • Publicly acknowledge, and work determinedly towards ending, the escalating humanitarian crisis across Afghanistan.
  • Secure Kabul airport and routes to it, allowing for the safe passage of all U.S. citizens, allies, and partners for evacuation.
  • Ensure that Afghans arriving in the US have access to the same resettlement benefits as refugees and SIV holders.
  • Ensure adequate levels of funding for refugee resettlement agencies that are struggling to rebuild after four years of downsizing.
TruCon 2021

The Truman Center for National Policy develops timely and innovative national security solutions, and this year we will continue these important dialogues with a range of conversations including:

  • A Reflection on Afghanistan and the Future of US Power
  • Twenty Years After 9/11 - Restructuring DHS for a Better Immigration Solution
  • Transforming the State Department and the role of cities and states
  • Climate and National Security: Green Tech as Foreign Policy

We hope that you will be able to join us for this event, which will feature a range of top level speakers from a diverse range of national security perspectives.