A Letter from Truman’s CEO

Welcome to the Truman Center for National Policy!
We are a think-tank and research institute, dedicated to providing timely and innovative national security solutions, and while in Washington D.C, that may not sound unique - we are. And here’s why:

National security is oftentimes defined by themes of defense, budgets, geopolitics, and readiness. These are all mission critical, no question -- however, it is crucial for policymakers to not dismiss the full breadth of national security, especially when it comes to issues that impact those beyond the beltway. That is why Truman, whose community and expertise extends far beyond Washington DC, knows that national security impacts all Americans, no matter where they live.
Jenna Ben-Yehuda
How is Truman different from other foreign policy organizations?
  • We believe in international engagement through diplomacy first and foremost, and by force only when necessary.
  • We also believe that how we conduct ourselves in international engagement matters, and that our effectiveness abroad depends on the choices we make at home.
  • We go beyond thought leadership: we advocate, we build movements, we drive policy, we make change.
We understand that the health effects caused by climate change impact those in Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas more than anyone else in the country; that broken immigration policies are felt and directly relevant to the day to day lives of those in California and Texas; and that in order to have a national security system that truly represents who we are as a nation, we need our agencies to be diverse and inclusive when hiring staff. Addressing questions of diversity, equity and inclusion in the national security space is a fundamental part of who we are.

To build on all of these themes, we have also capitalized on our extended network to establish efforts around subnational diplomacy—directly looking at how cities and states impact and enrich the national security kaleidoscope.

Truman has the power to make real policy change. In early 2021, we launched our State Department Task Force, an initiative aimed at overhauling and diversifying the U.S Department of State. We started with an idea, which created a movement, and now that report, which was brought to fruition with the support and guidance of Ambassador Amercrombie-Winstanley, Rep. Joaquin Castro, and Senator Chris Murphy, is required reading for new recruits of the State Department.

As President Biden announced the withdrawal of our forces from Afghanistan, we directed a campaign aimed at providing special immigrant visas to Afghan interpreters who supported our troops in combat. Through our report, media campaign and elevation of the debate in the halls of power,  success was achieved. The Biden Administration has begun the repatriation of thousands of Afghan interpreters, and we hope this is the start of more to come.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that in addition to the Center expertise in-house, we also draw upon our sister organization, the Truman National Security Project, to develop and enrich our national security solutions.

I invite you to look through our website, and to familiarize yourself with the breadth of our work. I also invite you to sign up to our emails,  as well as follow our social media accounts, where we bring the debate directly to you.

We are thrilled that you are here and we look forward to showing you more of what we do.

Yours Sincerely,

Jenna Ben Yehuda
President & CEO
Truman Center for National Policy
We have five values at Truman - and they have remained unchanged since the organization’s founding 15 years ago.
  • Human rights and civil rights. (Liberalism).
  • We exist in community and have a duty to contribute to the common good. (Classical Republicanism).
  • Government should support social justice--equality of opportunity and some equality of distribution. (Liberalism merged with republicanism).
  • Tolerance and help for oppressed or marginalized to gain equal rights. (Liberalism/social ministry).
  • Together, we can progress and create a better world. (Enlightenment rationality).