Immigration & National Security

Immigration policy discussions often feel detached from the human stories at the heart of the matter. Truman is dedicated to changing narratives on immigration in order to advance immigration policies and practices that are humane, strategic, and secure.

2024 Immigration Solutions Workshop

In September 2023, the Truman Center organized a two-day experiential learning workshop in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico for 20 members of the Truman National Security Project. Our recap video captures the impact:

Truman Members Speak Up on Immigration

Truman members who participated in the Workshop are sharing their views on the value of immigration and reforms to immigration policy:

A humane approach to immigration is key to stronger national security and effective foreign policy.

The United States’ current response to immigration is out of sync with national interests. The Truman Center is working to move the dialogue on immigration beyond its current, polarizing discourse by promoting pro-immigrant, humane policies that enhance national security.


Listen to Truman members speak about the impact of their trip to the southern border.
2024 Immigration Solutions Workshop
Truman National Security Project members gather in San Diego

Talking Points on Border Security & Immigration Policy

How to respond to demand to immigrate to the United States and reform immigration policy, with the goal of enacting a more humane and strategic immigration system

Talking Points on Creating More Welcoming Communities

Why creating welcoming communities is good for national security, and recommendations on how to do so

Special Immigrant Visa

Special Immigrant Visa Full Report

Truman Center has long advocated for improved protections for our allies in conflicts abroad.

The Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program represents the promise made to Afghans and Iraqis who fought with American troops. Through this report, the Truman Center made recommendations in the early days of the Biden Administration on how to improve the SIV system.

More on Immigration and National Security

Truman Headquarters helps members pitch, write, and place opinion pieces in news outlets around the country.