Transforming the State Department

Transforming the State Department

It is no secret that the State Department, our nation’s oldest Cabinet-level agency, needs to transform to meet the needs of the 21st century. Archaic technology and management practices, excessive aversion to risk, and hostility to innovation hold back the Department’s potential.

The cultural aversion to change and modernization has held back the Department in another significant way – a continued failure to recruit and maintain a cadre of diplomats representing the true diversity of the United States.

The Department needs a new vision, and under the Biden-Harris administration, it is well-positioned to implement much-needed reforms. From Secretary Antony Blinken’s office to Capitol Hill and beyond, leaders across the government are aligned on the need for decisive action. Recognizing the scope of this opportunity, this new report from the Truman Center for National Policy constitutes a blueprint for lasting transformation.

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