Truman Center for National Policy and  Truman National Security Project Gift Acceptance Policy

Updated November 2019


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on gift acceptance. The policy applies to all types of gifts that Truman accepts, including gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations.


This policy applies to all relationships with the following:

  • Individuals
  • Foundations
  • Corporations (including the organization and corporate foundations)
  • Organizations and industry groups
  • Truman accepts and seeks gifts that promote its mission. Truman reserves the right to refuse or return gifts with functions or goals that are inconsistent with those of the organization. Gifts containing use restrictions that are inconsistent with the organization’s goals or objectives may be refused or returned. Truman will not accept gifts that are inconsistent with its policies or that violate local, state, or federal law. The acceptance of gifts must not hinder Truman’s ability to execute its mission and should not have the potential to cause reputational harm to the organization. Truman may not accept gifts from any sources that are anonymous, though donors whose identity is known to the organization may choose to remain anonymous for publicity purposes.
  • Truman may accept gifts from foreign individuals, foundations, and corporations, provided that acceptance is in line with the policy outlined below.
  • Truman staff will apprise the Board of Directors on the status of significant gifts at each board meeting. The Board of Directors will determine annually if any updates to the policy are needed.

Guidelines for Gift Acceptance

  • Truman owns the use of its logo. Permission to use Truman’s logo must be granted in writing by the organization.
  • The security and confidentiality of Truman members must be protected.
  • The relationship of donors and prospects with Truman must not conflict with existing guidelines or position statements, or contravene Truman’s by-laws, procedures, organizational rules, or policies.
  • Gifts from individuals, foundations, or corporations may not influence Truman’s positions on relevant issues.
  • A relationship with a corporation or foundation must not threaten the 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status of the Truman Center and the Truman Project, respectively.
  • Truman’s staff commits to practices that respect donors' rights to truthful information and to privacy. Truman does not sell or share any donor’s personal information; nor does it send donor mailings on behalf of any other organizations. Truman commits to responsibly managing the funds that donors entrust to Truman and to reporting Truman’s financial affairs accurately and completely.

For additional information on Truman’s gift acceptance policy, please email or call 202-216-9723