How We Work

The Truman Center’s Methodology

We pursue our mission by connecting whole-of-society national security approaches to the concerns and capabilities of all Americans.
How We Work
Making national security threats and opportunities plain to all Americans.
  • Publish reports, briefs, and infographics that include actionable and pragmatic solutions.
  • Amplify hard-won lessons from on-the-ground national security leaders, including   experts, visiting fellows, and members from the Truman National Security Project.
  • Highlighting and explaining pressing national security challenges, especially those not addressed through narrower views of national security.
Building a network of cross-sector leaders working together to keep the nation secure.
  • Host public and flagship events around complex emerging national security issues.
  • Assemble cross-sector leaders from around the country, drawing on a deep well of inside-the-Beltway connections and outside-the-beltway leadership.
Making national security actionable from the Beltway, to the Breadbasket, to the PCH.
  • Expand the national security conversation by elevating diverse and underrepresented voices.
  • Bring both whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches to bear for solutions. Leaders from Capitol Hill to City Hall to C-suites need to be engaged with the pressing issues of national security.
  • Host world-class trainings for Truman members and the public on skills, substance, and leadership.
  • Identify, amplify, and cultivate tomorrow’s national security leaders.

More specifically, we:

  • Provide a platform for experts and visiting fellows.
  • Amplify the voices and work of Truman National Security Project members.
  • Host public and flagship events around complex or emerging national security issues.
  • Advise and inform decision-makers from the Hill to the Agencies to state, local, and private leaders.
  • Expand the national security community by elevating diverse and underrepresented voices.
To learn more about how we work and/or on how to partner with us, please contact Kayvan Chinichian, Director of Development, at